Elysium Day Spa 

A Place for Your Body, Mind & Spirit


About Us

Our name "Elysium" originates from Greek Mythology. It is a place or condition of ideal happiness. In Greek Mythology, when you are favored by the Gods, they would send you to the Elysium fields to experience rest. This "rest" is what we here at Elysium would like for you to experience. 

Elysium Day Spa has been providing the Monterey Peninsula with exceptional service since 1999. Owner, Charlene Carr and her staff of professional Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians and Cosmetologists want to provide you with the best therapy for your body, mind & spirit. We believe that feeling good on the inside allows you to feel good about your outside appearance. 

Our staff of professionals has years of experience to give you exceptional service and quality treatments while maintaining the health and integrity of your appearance. We provide you with the proper knowledge in skincare, body maintenance and beauty along with a balanced mindset all provided to you in a relaxing setting.

All of our associates are licensed in their professional fields and are Independent Contractors.  Each associate manages their individual business but are still upholding the standards of Elysium.  We will always strive to provide you with the best service and experience. Please review our Booking Page to review the Independent Contractors's modalities that each offers.

We hope that you will treat yourself to a therapeutic but relaxing experience with us. Whether it's for a facial or for a haircut, we promise to always give our best to make Elysium Day Spa ~The Place for your Body, Mind & Spirit!