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We are so pleased you are considering Elysium for your Spa needs. We hope that we are able to offer you all the services you are looking for under one roof and that your experience with us is always a pleasant one!

For your convenience, Elysium has a 24 hour online appointment system for all of your booking needs. This will help minimize the back and forth phone time and delay on booking your appointment. You will be able to see what is available at a glance.

www.Vagaro.com is available sun-sat at all hours of the day.  Just go online or download the app. Seach for us then book mark us! It's as easy at that.  This system allows you to have all access to our associates available time and services at your fingertips. When you register, you will be able to book up to 1 hour before your requested time. It will also send you a confirmation email and text and 48 hour reminder for your booking. You will have access to change and cancel any bookings at any time needed. 

Please also be aware that some search engines may not recognize our booking system. We find that Chrome likes us the Best! Please try to switch users if needed. Also if you are wanting to become a regular client with us, please add us in your Favorites!

Please view our Staff Service List and select the staff member according to the services they provide.  Remember each staff member specializes in his/her services. If you do not know who is best suited for your services, please don't hesitate to call.

All schedules are posted due to the staff members needs. They may fluctuate by time and by day availability.

Please cal Elysium at 831-375-1976 and leave a voice mail for the associate you wish to contact.

LICENCING: abbreviations:

CMT: Certified Massage Therapist
CMP: Certified Massage Practioner
EST: Esthetician
Bella: Bellanina Facelift Specialist
Nails: Manicurist


CHARLENE CARR: Owner, Estethician, Massage Practioner, Bellanina Specialist

CHERYL RICHARDS: Certified Massage Therapist

SHAE AGUILAR: Certified Massage Therapist, Nail Technician

AMY GRACE BELL: Esthetician, Celluma Specialist

LISA MINEO WORTHINGTON: Certified Massage Practioner

After you have chosen your staff member who best fits your needs, 
you're ready to book your appointment online:

We ask that you please include First Name, Last Name, Contact Phone Number and Email address for each client when booking. This will ensure that we are able to send you proper notification and or call you regarding you booking, if needed.

If you have any questions or are unsure of how to book your appointment, 
please call and our staff would be happy to assist.

Contact Us

For needed support, please contact us at
[email protected] or call 831-375-1976
and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are without a receptionist so please be patient with us. 

Using our booking system is highly recommended for faster booking of your services. 
Thank you!